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So I finally got myself a laptop.
I will no longer have to share a computer with my mum, thank goodness!
It was on the must get list along with about four other items.
My must get list is of things I either feel like I need to fulfill my relaxation hobbies or what I probably need for what I want to do with my life.
(which I haven't quite decided on yet!
but have some idea of)
But, I still have a year until I have to decide.

So, it is day 4 of no high school classes due to this historic flood here in the valley. Now, the bad weather has gone, and the sun is out! All I want to do is go outside and take pictures of all the pretty flowers that have bloomed! I would have never thought I would spend a week of procrastination due to a flood here! I have some major priority checks to get in place before the end of the term! BECAUSE, I do have a college exam tomorrow. Which I might add, I am very nervous seeing how I lost my book. bleh, is all I have to say about that!

anyways, have a lovely day!


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